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Feeding Facts & Information


Race horses are usually fed a high grain diet, this is needed to obtain the energy requirements for strenuous exercise.  Alkapellet PH PLUS helps to keep acid levels down by alkalising the hind gut and keeping the sensitive bacteria and microbes in a healthy environment. 

Due to these healthy microbes, better utilisation of the feed is obtained resulting in more energy and better mineral absorption from the fibre content of the food.  A less acidic system results in better lamina growth and healthier hooves.  

Your horse needs a diet that is balanced with both grain and good sources of fibre, Alkapellet PH PLUS allows you to feed this high grain diet in a safer manner, without as much risk of your horse going sour or lame. 

Alkapellet PH PLUS contains a fibre source which has been impregnated with ammonia bicarbonate.  Plasma TCO2 levels are not elevated by significant levels, however feeding on race days is not recommended.


The Alkapellet

Scoop holds 2

metric cups.

FREE with your purchase of Alkapellet PH PLUS While stock lasts.


Alkapellet PH PLUS as with any change of feed, should be introduced slowly over 2 weeks.  We suggest that you start off with a handful with each feed and slowly increase to the desired amount.  Alkapellet PH PLUS can be soaked prior to feeding, and crumbled through feed.

For a 500kg horse we recommend 2-3 scoops of an Alkapellet scoop, per feed.
The Alkapellet scoop holds 2 metric cups.  We also recommend to halve the amount of chaff fed.

It is as important to feed a good quality forage ( hay/chaff etc), as it is, to feed concentrates (grains/performance pellets etc).

The ratio that is needed is decided by your horses workload and type of workload ie ; speed or endurance.  There are many good sites which cover forage/concentrate ratios for horses.

You may find that your horse fills out and puts on condition because they are now better utilising more of the ration being fed, with the improvement in the hind gut function.  If this occurs you may need to cut down the other rations you are feeding.  Some Alkaproduct users have been able to reduce their other rations by up to 30%.




This feed is made from All Natural ingredients and as such it complies with the Australian Rules of Racing, EFA Competition Swabbing Rules and with Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority. MRL Standard Table 4. While every effort is made to reduce or eliminate, naturally occurring foreign seeds may be present. These seeds that could be found in any Horse Feed (if present) may contain components that cause positive swab results in competing animals, this is the case for any feed that contains chaff or grains. Alkapellet PH PLUS contains a fiber source that has been impregnated with ammonia bicarbonate.

Plasma TCO2 levels are not elevated by significant levels, however feeding on race days is not recommended.
STORAGE Store under cover in a cool dry place below 30 Celsius.

Being used outside of our control, this product is sold on the express condition that there is no warranty , express or implied and are not responsible for damage arising from its use, whether in accordance with the directions or not.


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