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Alkapellet PH PLUS helps your horse’s digestive system to function optimally.

ABOUT ALKAPELLET PH PLUS                          ​                              For animal consumption only!



Alkapellet pH Plus is a high alkaline fibre pellet for inclusion in the animal’s feed for all types of horses.





• High alkalinity feed.

• Helps maintain a healthy gut and aiding feed digestibility.

• Helps maintain shiny / glossy coat.

• Helps maintain well formed manure.

• May assist in reducing the risk of common noninfectious nutrition-related conditions like lactic acidosis and colic.






Alkapellet pH PLUS is a highly alkaline fibre pellet for inclusion in the horse’s feed for all types and ages of horses to maintain a healthy gut and aid feed digestibility.


The horse's digestive system has evolved to utilise a diet consisting mainly of forages from pasture, either grazed grass or dried as hay. However the modern horse needs to utilise different diets either because of the way it is housed and / or because the heavy physical demands and workload of performance horses require feeds to consist of cereals, digestive fibres and other higher energy feeds and supplements. 


These high energy feeds cause strain on the horses digestive system. In normal conditions the horse produces large amounts of saliva as it consumes and chews roughage foods like hay and grass.This provides an alkaline environment to maintain a healthy gut. Grains and dry mixed feeds greatly reduce the amount of saliva produced. Alkapellet pH PLUS helps to maintain a healthy gut and aiding feed digestibility.The horse’s large intestine (hind gut) is a fibre digestion system involving a huge array of small friendly bugs (bacteria, protozoa, fungal microbes etc).


These bugs normally live in a harmonious symbiotic relationship with the horse that benefits both sides as they help to digest the fibre. However when the diet contains less fibre and more grains and other fast digesting food materials, this relationship can become unbalanced leading to stress on the bugs and digestive upset. Alkapellet pH PLUS helps to maintain gut health. In general a wide range of horses may have problems associated with poor gut function relating to the local available housing/ pasture and feeds.


By maintaining a healthy gut with the fundamental balances within the nutrients provided to the animal will help aid feed digestibility.

Most high performance horses have these dietary and feeding regimes.  Current studies show that 85% of performance horses have some form whether it be mild or chronic, acid problems. 

Studies have shown that mild forms of digestive instability can lead horses to have a variety of symptoms, from wind sucking, crankiness, poor coat and condition, diarrhoea and non-performance.

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