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I battled for 7 months with my 25 yr old TB mare Bonny she had chronic diarrhoea lost heaps of weight.

I started to notice all my horses and I have lots had all lost their winter coat but Bonny held hers I brushed I washed it wouldn’t budge.

I was considering putting Bonny down all I was doing was shoving everything people recommend for chronic diarrhoea into her even vet recommended products NOTHING worked.

Broken with my decision I went into my local feed store and spoke with a very knowledgeable lady who recommended I first try Alkapellet ph Plus before I do anything else.

So on the 20th of November 2020, I added Alkapellet pH Plus to Bonny’s feed 3x a day as she has no teeth to eat grass, within a week I was brushing her coat out and she had put on weight.

Bonny was also demolishing every bit of feed, which she hadn’t done before I added this product and no more diarrhoea.

She has put on so much weight, she trots around so much happier, it’s now the 11 of December 2020, so we are at the 3 week mark.

I cannot thank you guys enough you have literally given us a few more years yet.

I’ve also added it to my off the track horses feed’s and they love it.

Very happy customer and I will highly recommend to anyone.


Thank you 

Lizzy & Bonny 

Sterley Horsemanship Solutions 

Mar 16, 2022, 5:21 PM

"Hi. Thought I’d give you a quick update.
We started 2 geldings on the Alkapellet and changed them across to Hygain Balanced plus a micro toxin (added today)
There is a huge difference in both horses.
The one I was having major issues with stallion behaviour has settled right down. Far less spooky, his eyes look healthier, he just looks so much happier. Not even up to the full amount for him yet either, so looking forward to seeing the difference again.
My daughter’s horse was on ulcershield and he became extremely aggressive while on it. He stopped the treatment last Thursday and started on the Alkapellet on the Saturday. He is less moody, doesn’t get grumpy while eating and so much happier in himself.
This product is bloody brilliant. Thank you so much"

Amy Rendell

“I have recently recommended to a small number of clients to try their horses on alkapellets for various digestive problems that have been difficult to manage. The results have ranged from good to excellent. The general over-all improvements in these horses suggests that alkapellets could benefit all horses.”

Dr Les G. Brown

“I recently started feeding my 28 year old horse, who has diagnosed Cushings,  Alkapellets after being at my wits end dealing with long term  loose manures and scouring. I am amazed at the incredible difference in him now - he has 'normal' manure and his general health has improved immensely.  I absolutely love Alkapellets and can't praise it's benefits enough. Thank you for such a wonderful product.”

Jill Gipson

“We have trained horses for 50+ years. We feed a high grain diet, so when we heard about an alkaline feed that would help buffer the high acid levels, we were keen to give it a go. Since using the 'ALKAPELLET' product our horses have better 'Gut' noises and a much healthier appetite. We have noticed that after hard work the horses still maintain their healthy appetite, which is a big plus for racing. We have also found that the horses seem to handle hard feed much better when first brought in, allowing a much shorter transfer period from paddock to full work feed rations.”

Don & Jeff Wegner
Horse Trotter Trainers

“I have been using the Alka products consistently for the last 9 months. The main product used was the Alka Barley.

This nine month period included the 2010/2011 WA Polo season, where I had 30 polo ponies in work. In addition to the 30 polo ponies, I was feeding the Alka Barley to young horses and broodmares. During this time I noticed a dramatic change in the horses coats and they way they developed condition.

I managed a large polo facility for a number of years and this is the first season that I have had to reduce the amount of protein towards the end of the season because the ponies were putting on too much condition !
Normally at the end of the season you would be struggling to keep condition on horses as they tire and become fatigued from a long season of polo.

Overall I would have feed at least 25% less feed by using Alka Barley, hence reducing my overall feed bill, which can only be a good thing. Another very noticeable benefit of the Alka Barley was the inner health of the horses. Every horse on the Alka Barley had manure of the exact same consistency, and I still haven’t had a single case of colic since starting with the Alka product.”

Matt Welsh

“My 23 year old part bred Arabian stallion has been suffering health issues since I acquired him 2 and a half years ago. Diagnosed with possible inflammatory bowel disease and with very few molars left, I have found it hard to keep weight on him especially when he is "working". As he is fed twice a day with a high grain diet, this left him feeling uncomfortable after each feed,  After a week of using Alkapellet I found the old boy was quite comfortable after each feed and was then content to graze happily on his roll of hay. He has now been enjoying Alkapellet for a month and has gained weight through the toughest part of the year.”

Rebecca Blyth

“I have a hot, nervy Arab who likes to go, go, go! Over the last season we have been easing ourselves into endurance. I used to have to avoid feed that would make him too excitable. One day my horse just went off his feed and hay. He had been doing a lot of training so I went to the stockfeed to get him a “pick me up”. I read the brochure about Alkapellet PH Plus and was intrigued! Was it as good as it claimed? I bought the product, went home and excitedly mixed him up a feed. He instantly ate it! He still turned his nose up at his export quality hay though, however by the end of the day he was eating well again.

I have now had him on the product for a month and have found him to be significantly cooler and calmer when I ride, polishes off his feeds and hay, and the feed that used to make too excitable now just seem to give the little extra energy he needs for endurance without all the silliness! As he is such a good doer, I was a little worried it may make him fat however I balanced my diet and he looks amazing!”

Angela Williams
Second Chance Horse Rescue

"I have a 10year old thoroughbred who has always been difficult to keep condition on and has been nervy and tense, and would walk constantly around the paddock.

I started the Alkapellet on the 26th December 2010. Since this time I have noticed an improvement in his personality, where he seems a lot more relaxed, calm and is much quicker to settle when I take him out. He has put on some weight and will now stand and eat his hay roll constantly (which he wouldn't do before). While I definitely feel this early change of behaviour and weight gain can be attributed to this product, I think using the Alkapellet long term will result in further improvements."

Emma Morelli


2010 - present

2010 - present

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